Mission Statement

Arts Aloud serves as a performing arts doorway for all teens, delivering special attention to those with

limited exposure to quality theatrical programs. We seek to enrich our local community

and provide engaging, educational resources that connect aspiring young talent

with leaders in the entertainment field. By bringing experience, enjoyment, and

valuable knowledge to young adults, Arts Aloud encourages the next

generation of performers to contribute to society through bold artistic expression.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to supply Southern California with a preeminent theater company,

dedicated to teen­-driven productions of the highest professional standard.

By working in concert with the entertainment community, regional

businesses, vendors, and academic institutions, we wish to foster inclusion

and accessibility for disadvantaged families. Arts Aloud champions cultural diversity

and civic engagement through a wide range of initiatives, including, but not

limited to musical theater productions, dramatic plays, master classes, talent shows,

and technical / behind the scenes experience. 

TAX ID: 81-4746477